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Fukui International Association Q&A

I want to make Japanese friends and practice my Japanese.

I want to learn Japanese.

Will you introduce me to an interpreter?

Do you hold any events where I can meet and mingle with Japanese people?

Do you have any books about ~ in foreign countries?

I have some used clothes I want to donate.

Do you have an international phone available for public calls?

FIA Plaza Q&A

Facility lending service

Do you have parking available?

If I rent one of your facilities, are food and drink allowed inside the building?

Please tell me about lunch box and catering service.

Can we eat inside FIA Plaza?

Is there an ATM inside the FIA Plaza?

Do you offer photocopying services?

How do I get to FIA Plaza from JR Fukui Station?

I want to know about events held at FIA Plaza.

Is this the Fukui Citizens International Association?

Can I have old editions of foreign language newspapers?


Can I have passport photos taken there?

Are money order stamps and prefectural certificate stamps available there?

Fukui International Association Reinan Center Q&A

I want to learn Japanese.

Can I learn foreign languages at the Reinan Center?

I want to make friends with foreign residents.

Do you have parking available?

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