FIA Plaza Tour

Hands-on Experience!

FIA Plaza Tour

Eligibility Hands-on Experience

Age limit: middle school age and under

Grow through Hands-on Experience!

International exchange Q&A
We have staff from America, China, and many other countries working here in the FIA.
Let`s give their quiz a try!
(※ International exchange staff members vary daily.)

Ethnic costume experience
You can try on ethnic costumes from around the world.
Try on an outfit, take a picture, and feel what it`s like in a foreign country!
(※ Some costumes may not fit your body size.)

Casual foreign language lessons
Try learning basic greetings and simple conversation from our multilingual staff!

Questions for international exchange staff members
Ask our staff members about what you learned in you world culture courses in school!!

Learn more about the world.
The Information and Consultation Corner on the 1st floor of FIA Plaza has an extensive collection of books and videos for children about food, fashion, daily life, and culture around the world!

Tour FIA Plaza
What is the inside of FIA Plaza like? What kind of people work there, and who uses its facilities?
(※ Unfortunately, we are unable to give you tours of rooms and facilities that are in use at the time.)

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