Application Procedure

We ask for your cooperation in following the FIA’s standard application procedures.
Step 1 Please confirm the availability of the desired facilities before submitting your application.
How to confirm availability: Please call or visit us. Information on room availability is also available online.(※1)
After confirming availability, please pre-register with us over the phone.(※2)

※1 Information with regards to availability can be found on Fukui’s Fuku-e Net Facility Reservation Service. Available only in Japanese.
※2 When pre-registering, information confirming the identity of the organizer, event details, and other information is required.


Step 2 Please submit your application to the Fukui International Association (FIA).
In addition to the application form, applicants must also submit an annual report, pamphlet, bylaw, or other document describing the organization that will be holding the event.
This can be sent by FAX or by mail.(※3)

※3 Further documentation may be required, depending upon the nature of the event.


Step 3 Confirmation of application.
Please also submit any event flyer you intend to use, as well as an outline of the event itself.


Step 4 Please make arrangements to discuss further details
of your event with the appropriate FIA staff.

This is to confirm the room layout, seating, and audio-visual arrangements necessary for the event.
If no events are in progress at that time, you can visit the room applied for. Please call ahead to confirm that the room is unoccupied and arrange for us to show it to you.


Step 5 Visiting the FIA on the date of your event.

Facility Rental Application Form (format)

For details, please inquire directly to the Fukui International Association (FIA).
File Contents File Format  
Application for Use (valid for 1 day) separatorpdfseparator Download
Application for Use (valid for multiple days) separatorpdfseparator Download
Request for Restricted Activities Permit separatorpdfseparator Download