Facility Use

About Usage Fees / When Using our Facilities / Dos and Don’ts
How to Apply / Period for Acceptance of Application

Usage Fees

Please be aware that facility usage fees are non-refundable.

In the event of an extension of use or the addition of further facilities, we ask that you pay any additional usage fees promptly after use.

For information regarding reduced rates, please inquire at the main office of the Fukui International Activities Plaza.

Consumption tax is included in the facility usage fees list.

Using Our Faciltities

Please encourage participants to come by public transportation, as our parking is limited.
Also, please make arrangements for those who do come by car not to park on the side of the road, as it is illegal.

Please provide your own contact information on any flyers or announcements for your event.
The FIA does not assume responsibility for reception during events or for providing event information.

In order to ensure smooth execution of events at the FIA, please make all necessary arrangements with your staff beforehand.

Please follow the instructions of our staff with regards to lighting, sound, and other equipment.

Our staff can make arrangements for desks, chairs, and tea service. Should you need them, please let us know in advance.
※ However, for large-scale events, we may ask that patrons make their own arrangements. 

In the event of receptions and dinner events at our facilities, patrons are asked to make all necessary arrangements themselves. Please select caterers from among the vendors registered with FIA Plaza.

Registered Caterers (Available in Japanese only)
Bento (lunch box)receptions, etc
Click above to view about caterers registered with the FIA.

Responsibility for articles on display and valuables must be made by those who own/place them in the FIA.
We are NOT responsible for property loss or theft inside the FIA Plaza grounds.

We have white cloths available for rent, to be returned after washing by the borrower.

Any garbage resulting from use by patrons must be removed from the premises by the responsible party.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the building, and should be done in the designated smoking areas on the premises.

After using our facilities, please return them to their original condition and confirm this with the staff.
Tea cups and pots must be gathered and returned to their designated storage area(s).

How to apply

When applying, please fill out our facilities rental form and attach a general outline of your event, then submit this to the office at the FIA Plaza.
(We do accept reservations over the phone, but please be aware that these will be treated as pending reservations until the appropriate paperwork is filed.)

Please take into consideration the time needed for preparation and cleanup when applying for facilities rental.

Our facilities can be rented consecutively in the following instances:
The period of use is within 15 days and is for the purpose of exhibition.
For uses other than exhibitions, rental is limited to 5 consecutive days.

Patrons intending to market/sell products or solicit donations must submit a separate, additional form for permission to carry out activities normally prohibited in the FIA, such as the above.

For both tentative and completed registrations, please report any changes to the schedule originally indicated or even cancellation as soon as possible.

Application Period

Applications for facility rentals can be made anywhere from 24 months to three days before the intended start date of the event.
If the desired day is a holiday or day when the FIA Plaza is normally closed, reservations can be made for the following day.

Do’s and Dont’s

Transfer or subletting of permission to use facilities at the FIA Plaza is prohibited.

Loss of or damage to FIA Plaza facilities and equipment is to be reported immediately.
Be it accidental or intentional, compensation for the damage is required of the responsible party/parties.

In the event that fire, etc. will be used during an event, this must be reported beforehand to the related authorities.

Please refrain from bringing potentially dangerous materials, animals (excepting guide dogs), or things that give off strong or foul odors into the building.

Please understand that we are unable to issue permits to use our facilities in the following cases:
1. The duration of use requested is sufficiently long to hinder the ability of others to use our facilities within a reasonable timeframe.
2. In the event that the patron applying for use of our facilities has damaged or stolen FIA Plaza property.
3. In the event that the management of FIA Plaza facilities or their use by patrons will be disrupted by the applicant’s activities.
4. When the applicant’s activities otherwise obstruct the management or smooth operation of FIA Plaza facilities and services.

Please understand that permits issued for use of FIA Plaza facilities can be revoked under the following circumstances:
1. In the event that the facilities for which the permit was secured are used for purposes other than those indicated on the initial application.
2. In the event that applicants attempt to transfer the use of facilities they have rented to another party.
3. In the event of damage to or loss of FIA Plaza property.
4. In the event that the management of FIA Plaza facilities or their use by patrons will be disrupted by the applicant’s activities.
5. When the applicant’s activities otherwise obstruct the management or smooth operation of FIA Plaza facilities and services.

Please abide by all rules and regulations of the FIA Plaza.

Please follow the instructions of FIA Plaza staff.