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List of Foreign Language Newspapers and Magazines Published in Japan and Abroad

【Magazines published in Japan and abroad】
※ Lending service available (except current issues) (31 magazines in total)

Magazine Title (country & area issued / Language)
Time (America / English)
Newsweek (America / Japanese)
Business Week (America / English)
National Geographic Magazine (America / Japanese)
Economist (U.K / English)
House And Garden (U.K / English)
Zheng Ming (Hong Kong / Chinese)
Korea Weekly (Korea / Korean)
Chugoku Naigai Doukou (Japan / Chinese)
Vogue (Italy / Italian)
Express (France / French)
Veja (Brazil / Portuguese)
Taiwanese Tourism (Taiwan / Japanese)
Japan Sea Rim Economic Journal (Japan / Japanese)
Cultural Exchange (China / Chinese & English)
Crossroads (Japan / Japanese)
Ryugaku Koryu (Study abroad) (Japan / Japanese)
Sukkara (Korean Cultural Magazine) (Japan / Japanese)
People’s China (China / Japanese)
Ryugaku Journal (Japan / Japanese)
Kokusai Jinryu (the Immigration Newsmagazine) (Japan / Japanese)
Kyoto Journal (Japan / English)
Hiragana Times (Japan / Japanese & English)
Gaiko Forum (Japan / Japanese)
Japanese monthly (Japan / Japanese)
JETRO sensor (Japan / Japanese)
J2TOP (Japan / Japanese)
Katei Gaho International Editioin (Japan / English)
Warm Topic (Japan / Japanese)
AJEC Report (Japan / Japanese)
CNN English Express Monthly (Japan / Japanese)

【Newspapers published in Japan and abroad】
※ Only browsing available at Information section on the 1st floor (15 newspapers in total)

Name of magazines (Country & area issued / Language)
USA Today (America / English)
Guardian Weekly (U.K / English)
Asia Economic Daily (Japan / Japanese)
People’s Daily (Overseas Edition) (China / Chinese)
Korea Daily (Korea / Korean)
International Herald Tribune (Japanese / English)
Student Times (Japan / English)
Japan Times (Japan / English)
International Press (Japan / Spanish)
International Press (Japan / Portuguese)
Dong Fang Shi Bao (Japan / Chinese)
Zhong Wen Dao Bao (Japan / Chinese)
Fukui Shimbun (Japan / Japanese)
Nikkei Shimbun (Japan / Japanese)
Mongolia Times (Mongol / Japanese)