For Visitors to Our Facilities

Regarding Parking / Applications, and Other Points of Caution

Points of Caution When Using FIA Reinan Center Facilities

The FIA Reinan Center is open from 9 AM to 6 PM (8 PM on Thursdays).
Visitors are asked to finish what they are doing by 5 minutes prior to closing.

The Exchange Salon on the first floor is available for the use of all patrons.
Visitors are asked to kindly understand that this is a shared space, and to be mindful of others using it by refraining from loud conversation, music, etc.

The Meeting and Training Room on the second floor is used for volunteer organizations and FIA Reinan Center administrative activities.

When using items, equipment, furnishings, etc. belonging to the Reinan Center, please return them to their original location when finished.

The FIA Reinan Center does not provide office supplies for patrons, and visitors are therefore asked to prepare and bring their own.

Excepting emergencies, please conduct all communications and contact related to group matters (study, volunteer, etc.) among group members, or through the Contact Box available at our facility.


Applications to borrow FIA Reinan Center facilities can be filled out and submitted at the Center.
(Temporary reservations can be made over the phone.)


The FIA Reinan Center does not have its own parking lot.
Visitors are therefore encouraged to come by public transportation whenever possible.

For available parking in the vicinity, please consult the FIA Reinan center’s home page.