Operations of the Fukui International Association Reinan Center

Planned Projects for Fiscal Year

Operational Details

Provide foreign language newspapers and magazines for patrons’ browsing purposes. Newspapers: 4 newspapers (English, Chinese, Japanese)
Magazines: 7 magazines ( English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
Book and resource lending service. Books regarding international exchange and cooperation as well as materials related to study abroad
Materials and resources from foreign embassies in Japan
We have DVDs available for browsing. DVDs introducing Tsuruga City, Fukui and Japan, foreign countries,
international cooperation and understanding, friendship associations, Japanese language learning and other foreign languages, music from around the world, etc.
Offer consultations regarding international exchange and cooperation activities. We offer consultation services with regard to international exchange and cooperation activities, as well as on day-to-day matters for foreign residents.
Information is distributed via our website. Provide facility information and explanations of FIA activities and oeprations.
Our website is linked to the Fukui International Association website.
Establish volunteer registration system and recruit volunteers for Reinan Center projects both at the center and elsewhere in the prefecture. We recruit as needed (1) interpreters (2) households for homestay & home visits (3) households to assist foreign students (4) Japanese language instructors (5) coordinators for FIA activities.
Introductory courses for Japanese language instructors. We offer introductory courses to train volunteers who wish to teach foreign residents Japanese. In addition, we offer advanced courses to volunteers that are currently teaching.
Offer consultations regarding legal matters free of charge for foreigners. Foreigner residents residing in the prefecture and related parties can receive free consultations regarding legal issues. (Appointments are required. Translators can be arranged.)
Reinan International Exchange Network meetings. Every year, we hold a meeting to promote greater coordination among international organizations in the Reinan area and to discuss better means of promoting international exchange in the region.
Visiting Intercultural Courses. If able, we can dispatch foreign instructors and volunteers to hold intercultural exchange classes and other events at elementary and middle schools in Fukui Prefecture.
International Exchange and Cooperation Events. We hold a wide variety of events for the purpose of deepening intercultural exchange and understanding, held in conjunction with international exchange organizations, volunteers and foreign residents, and others, for the purpose of creating a better, multicultural society.
Courses on promoting international understanding. We dispatch foreign instructors and volunteers to hold international exchange classes and other events at elementary and middle schools within Fukui Prefecture.
A place where foreign nationals and people in Fukui can easily interact. We strive to be a place where it is easy to interact with foreign nationals and those who have lived abroad, as well provide opportunities to learn about diversity.