Volunteer Recruitment

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We are always looking for volunteers willing to give their time to helping foreign residents lead a more fulfilling and pleasant life in Japan.

Japanese language

Our work is dedicated not only to helping foreign residents in their daily lives, but also to facilitate their interaction with their Japanese peers by offering Japanese language instruction as a valuable tool in their lives in Japan.
Through this, we hope to help foreign residents to lead a more fulfilling and pleasant life here.

Necessary Qualifications Completion of our basic instruction courses (levels 1 and/or 2) at the FIA Plaza, or obtainment of equivalent qualifications elsewhere.
Those who can teach Japanese at least once a week for about one hour over an extended period of time.

Our training course employees the direct teaching method (teaching Japanese in Japanese), so volunteers who do not possess a strong command of foreign languages are still encouraged to apply.
Registration Upon completing the FIA’s registration form, please submit it to the Reinan Center.
For those who have obtained their qualifications at other organizations, we ask that you provide materials outlining them.
Please also submit an outline of your course/training issued by the organization as well as a copy of your course certificate.
Duties and Responsibilities After finishing the training course, we ask that you please enroll in one of the volunteer groups. After a student has applied for language instruction, you will be asked through this volunteer group to take that student on as their teacher.

Why do I have to become a volunteer group member?
We require membership in any of the many volunteer groups to allow new volunteers to learn from the experiences and know-how of other, more experienced teachers, as well as share their own experiences with their peers.
This in turn in aimed to promote the continued learning and growth of all volunteer instructors.
There are many such volunteers groups currently operating in the Reinan area, so please, feel free to join one and improve both your own and others’ instructional methods.

Volunteer Interpreter

This type of volunteer serves to aid in deepening mutual understanding between Japanese nationals and foreign residents, as well as the latter’s understanding of both Fukui Prefecture and Japan.

Qualifications Those qualified for registration are people with competency in a language greater than daily conversation.
People who are interested in Japanese history, culture, etc. and are motivated to
introduce them to foreign residents.
Registration Please submit the FIA’s registration form to the Reinan Center.
Duties and Responsibilities In the event of a course at the FIA, international exchange event, or a request from an external organization for an interpreter dispatch, registrants are informed via the FIA.
Once approval has been granted, more detailed arrangements are made directly with volunteers.
In the event of an interpreter dispatch, we ask that volunteers make arrangements with the organization requesting their attendance.

Collaborators with FIA Activities

Collaboration with the FIA in its international exchange events, as well as co-hosted events, is another excellent opportunity for volunteers to become involved in promoting intercultural understanding.

Qualifications Anyone willing to participate and help in preparing for and carrying out such events.
Registration Please submit the FIA’s registration form to the Reinan Center.
Duties and Responsibilities Details and duties vary from event to event, and will be conveyed to volunteers by the FIA.


Activity details The goal of this program is to further deepen mutual understanding and promote friendships by inviting foreign nationals from inside and outside of the prefecture into every family and give them the opportunity to experience Japanese family life.
Registration requirements Families that are interested in becoming host families or having foreigners over for visits must all be in agreement and willing to accept the foreigner.
Families must be able to accept the foreigner regardless of race or nationality.
How to register Please fill out the International Association’s designated registration form and submit it.