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Personal Information and Privacy Policy

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Personal Information and Privacy Policy

The Fukui International Association, Fukui International Activities Plaza, and FIA Reinan Center are committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of patrons, volunteers, and applicants for facility rentals and other FIA services.

Personal information, as specified here by the Protection of Personal Computer Data Held by Administrative Organs Act, refers to any information related to individuals, including but not limited to: birth date; address; telephone number and other contact information; server records; information that can be easily collated with other data to identify an individual; and any other information that would allow the identification of a specific individual.

1. Guardianship of Personal Information
The FIA abides by all laws pertinent to the protection of personal information, such as the Protection of Personal Computer Data Held by Administrative Organs Act and all related regulations, and always take measures necessary to safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us.
2. Purpose and Scope of Personal Information Collected
When collecting personal information for events, facility rental, etc., the FIA informs the person in question as to why this data is being collected and for what it will be used. Data beyond that which is necessary is not collected.
3. Use of Personal Information
The FIA will only use the personal information it collects for the purpose to which the person in question has consented. This information will NOT be used in any way beyond that to which its owner has agreed.

Personal Information is used by the FIA in the following circumstances:

  • When an application to use FIA facilities is made
  • When informing applicants that their use of the facilities indicated has been approved
  • When the FIA must contact the applicant with regards to their rental/use
  • When participants in an event are informed of their eligibility to do so, as well as other matter related to said event
  • When contacting applicants for courses, facility rental, etc./those who have requested information about FIA events and courses
  • When the FIA/FIA Reinan Center must contact patrons who will be using their facilities
  • When answering inquiries from the owner of the information in question
  • When responding to web inquiries, and all other web services that require entry of personal information (name, email address, etc.)
  • When sending FIA publications to subscribers who own the information in question
  • When improving FIA services and activities
4. Release to Third Parties
The FIA does not release information to third parties except when required by law or when express permission has been given by the owner of the information in question.
5. Supervision of Personal Information Trusteeship
Personnel entrusted with supervising and protecting personal information on file with the FIA are subject to strict management measures, compliance with which is regularly confirmed.
6. Regarding Disclosure, Revision, and Cessation of Personal Information Use
The FIA will disclose, revise, update, or cease use of your personal information if a request is made by the owner of said information, and if they can prove their identity as the person in question.
7. Safe management of personal information
The FIA has extensive safety measures in place to ensure the prevention of leaks, unlawful access, loss, and other threats to the security of your personal information. We constantly work to improve these measures in order to better protect the data which you have left in our care.
8. Revision of Privacy and Personal Information Policy
These guidelines are subject to revision in accordance with changes to privacy and personal information laws.
9. Inquiries/Complaints
Please contact the FIA directly with any questions regarding personal information (including complaints pertaining thereto) or other inquires, from the person in question or related parties

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