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TitleDance with us at the Phoenix Festival ! FIA Team currently looking for members !!
 You’ll get an team T-shirt ! Free Admission, Any Attire
Date of EventAug. 24, 2024(Sat)
Time of event6:00 pm ~ 19:45 pm
VenueBy the streetcar tracks near Fukui Station. The street passing in front of Happi Terrace and Seibu Fukui
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5:00 pm Gather at the FIA
6:00 pm Group Dance
8:00 pm Dinner Party(Optional) ※Fee 3,000 Yen

◆Dance Practice Session(Optional)
August 21th(Wed.)7:00 pm~8:00 pm

Fukui International Activities Plaza
Multi-Purpose Hall
InformationPlease Apply!
InquiriesFukui International Association
〒 910-0004 3-1-1 Hoei, Fukui City
Tel 0776-28-8800