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TitleTraining for medical interpreters
 If you want to make use of your language skills, please join us!
Date of EventJan. 13, 2022(Thu)~Feb. 19, 2022(Sat)
VenueFukui International Activities Plaza
〒 910-0004 3-1-1 Hoei, Fukui City Tel 0776-28-8800
DetailsIf you are interested in medical interpretation, please join us!

This time, it will be held for English, Chinese and Portuguese interpreters.

[Medical Interpreter Supporter Training Course]

(Purpose) To develop human resources who will become medical interpreters in the future by deepening their understanding of the role of medical interpreters.

(Sponsor) Fukui International Association

(Place) Conference Room 1 and 2, 2 nd floor, Fukui International Activities Plaza

(Date and time) February 19, 2022 (Sat) 13 : 30 ~ 16 : 00

(Target) Those who have language skills in Japanese, English (Tagalog), Chinese and Portuguese that are beyond daily conversation skills and are interested in supporting medical interpreters.

(Capacity) English (Tagalog) / Chinese / Portuguese 15 persons each (on a first come, first served basis)

(How to apply) Please fill out the "application form" and apply by the following method.
① Take it to the International Center
② Email (nakamura-yu @ f-i-a. or. jp) or fax (0776-28-8818)
③ Apply through a web form

(Content) (1) Basic courses for medical interpreters - Roles and mental attitude of medical interpreters (70 minutes)
(2) Practice assuming a medical interpretation scene (practice by language) (70 minutes)
(3) Summary and office communication (Introduction to Medi-Sapo Fukui) (10 minutes)

(Instructor) Lorraine Sakka
(Associate Professor, Fukui Prefectural University Center for Science and Technology, Fukui-ken Saiseikai Hospital English Medical Interpreter)
<Chinese> Akira Fujita and Shizuka Watanabe (Medical Support Fukui, a Chinese medical interpreter)
<Portuguese> Yayoi Iwamoto (Director of MIC Kanagawa, Medical Interpreter in Portuguese, Interpreter Coordinator)

・ In order to continuously learn the skills and knowledge of medical interpreters, we are planning to engage in self-learning activities for medical interpreters with those who participated this time in cooperation with the MediSupport Fukui. (* Planned)
- In the event of the spread of the novel coronavirus, only Ms. Iwamoto's seminar (1) will be held online, with face-to-face meetings refrained from.
InquiriesFukui International Association
〒 910-0004 3-1-1 Hoei, Fukui City
Tel 0776-28-8800

Application for Attendance

Application for Attendance
Please apply by Feb. 15, 2022(Tue) .