Reinan Center Projects and Events

Event Detail
TitleFukui Consultation Center for Foreign Residents
 Starting from September 2019 we will be able to accept consultation in 13 languages!
Date of EventApr. 1, 2020(Wed)~Mar. 31, 2021(Wed)
VenueFukui International Activities Plaza
3-1-1 Hoei, Fukui City
DetailsAt the Fukui International Activities plaza and the Fukui International Association Reinan Center, starting in September, we will be able to accept consultation from foreign residents in 13 languages, using video calling interpretation both via phone at at the counter.

Also, starting in September there will be Vietnamese interpretation available at the Fukui InternationalActiviites Plaza on Saturdays and Sundays. We are working to become a one stop center for foreign residents to offer adviceand referrals for consultation and everyday life issues.
InquiriesFukui International Association
〒 910-0004 3-1-1 Hoei, Fukui City
Tel 0776-88-0062