Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Portal


Fukui Consultation Center for Foreign Residents
Please contact us in advance if you need an interpreter.
Tel 0776-88-0062 E-mail

bulletAnnouncements from Fukui Prefecture
Coronavirus Prevention Guidelines for Fukui Residents
“Fukui COVID-19 Vaccination Consultation and Reservation Support Desk for Foreign Residents” has been established

For foreign nationals who wish to get COVID-19 vaccination
State of Emergency Guidelines. Always “Mask-up, then talk!” It’s estimated that over 80% of COVID-19 cases in Fukui were transmitted while talking without wearing masks.
Mask up at meals! Always mask up before talking
“5 situations” that increase the risk of infection
Consultation desk about Novel coronavirus in Fukui
bulletResidence Status and Immigration
Information related to COVID-19 from Immigration Services Agency of Japan)
FRESC(Foreign Residents Support Center) Multilingual COVID-19 Vaccination Support
Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC)
Other than those above Information related to Novel Coronavirus Infection(COVID-19) from Immigration Services Agency
bulletLiving Information
Information about the Housing Security Benefit
Guidance on Temporary Loan Emergency Funds
bulletWork Information
Telephone Consultation Service for Foreign Workers, Labour Standards Advice Hotline
Guide to Support for Continuous Employment for Foreigners Who Have Been Dismissed, etc.
The support fund and allowance for the leave forced to be taken under the COVID-19 outbreak
For Foreigners Working in Companies
bulletOther Resources
Links for Multilingual News and BOSAI Info (NHK WORLD JAPAN)
Let’s Consider the Novel Coronavirus (The Knowledge Mobility based System Inst.)
Stop the spread of COVID-19. Avoid Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact settings!
Please cooperate in measures against infectious diseases.
About the New Coronavirus (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)
Point-and-Speak YUBISASHI for COVID-19 (produced by Joho Center Publishing)
Domestic Violence Hotline Plus